Legacy Digital Productions
is an organization dedicated to providing professional quality video production for families and businesses who do not have the full budgets major corporations enjoy.

We specialize in lower budget commercial productions, as well as, family histories using your old home movies, family photographs, and videotapes.

We produce your family history using your precious:

  • Family Photos
  • Slides
  • Old Home Movies
  • Videotapes

Creating a treasure that will be cherished for generations to come.


We Offer Services In:
  • Digital Preservation
  • Color Correction
  • Damage Correction
  • Multiple Resolutions and Formats Available
Your photos, slides and negatives are all professionally scanned.

Our Process

First we clean and recondition your film. Your film will come back to you in better condition than it is now, extending the life of this precious archive. Our professional process is slow and gentle on your film, using no hot bulb and no sprockets or gears that can damage your film.

Superior Quality

Our system stops at every frame and captures each one straight into the computer. This means no flicker and no "hot spots", just wonderfully clear, broadcast quality images.

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